Have you decided to run off and tie the knot but are unsure about announcing your elopement? Many couples wonder how they should share the decision of eloping with their loved ones. Fortunately, there are ways to successfully share the news with others and even include your loved ones while still having a special day that’s all about you and your significant other!

announcing elopement - Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods; Among the Pines Photography

As an elopement photographer and planner who’s worked with many couples, I’m excited to share top tips and elopement announcement ideas – from how and when to tell your family and friends to ways to include them without taking the focus away from the occasion.

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Tips for Announcing Your Elopement (+ Announcement Ideas)

Telling your loved ones you’re eloping doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. In fact, it can be an incredibly enjoyable experience! Here’s how:

  • Do it when you’re ready.
  • Know why eloping is important to you.
  • Include your loved ones.
  • Share pictures from your elopement day.
  • Utilize social media to announce your elopement.
  • Have an engagement party.
  • Invite friends and family to a reception after the elopement.
snowy elopement in Boulder
Boulder; Among the Pines Photography

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Do it when you’re ready.

One of the most important things to do when announcing your elopement is to remember to make it about you and your love first. It’s natural to put our loved ones’ wants and needs first, which is why eloping is so great. It’s a day to do what’s best for you!

Some couples choose to announce their elopement before their big day, while others wait until afterward. If you feel like sharing the news before you elope will cause added stress that may get in the way of enjoying your day, I recommend waiting. Deciding what to say and how to announce your elopement takes time. If you’re planning a quick elopement, this is another reason to wait until after.

On the other hand, if you’d like to include your family members and/or friends in planning and you think they’ll be supportive, it could be fun to share the news before you elope.

Know why eloping is important to you.

I think this tip is one that’s often overlooked. But, much of the worry that could come from sharing your elopement with others can be eased by knowing why this is important to you. There are many reasons couples choose to elope – more intimacy, less stress, sticking to a strict budget, etc. 

Knowing you’re why can help you stay true to that regardless of the opinions of others. You may also want to share with others why eloping is important to you to help them understand and accept it. However, you can skip this step if you’d prefer. Every couple’s situation will be different.

newlywed couple in Kayak - announcing elopement
Bozeman,; Among the Pines Photography

Include your loved ones.

Many couples hesitate to elope even when they prefer skipping a traditional wedding experience because they want to include their loved ones. The good news? You can!

In fact, there are many fun ways to include your friends and family in your elopement. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have an elopement party where your loved ones join in on helping you plan your big day.
  • Ask your loved ones to write letters you can read during your ceremony.
  • Send friends and family pictures of your elopement day afterward.
  • Have a celebration before or after the big day.

Keep reading to see how I included my family and friends in my elopement!

Share pictures from your elopement day.

A fun way to announce your elopement is by sending pictures from your elopement day. Loved ones can feel like they were there if you have an elopement photographer (like myself!) capture moments from your special day.

Here are a few unique ways to share your photos:

  • Create an online gallery and share it with your loved ones.
  • Send elopement announcement cards.
  • Create photo books for close loved ones.
elopement at Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park; Among the Pines Photography

Utilize social media to announce your elopement.

The online world has made announcing your elopement easier than ever! Using social media is a great way to make sure everyone in your circle is in on the big news without any added stress of sending pictures and announcements out to everyone you want to include.

You can also e-share your photos to a larger group of people and still share photos using the suggestions above with close friends and family. 

Have an engagement party.

If you’ve decided to share your elopement with loved ones before the big day, let them host an engagement party for you. This is an exciting way to celebrate your wedding with others while still making your elopement day all about you and your partner.

Invite friends and family to a reception after the elopement.

One of the most fun ways to make your elopement day extra special without too much stress is by having a reception with loved ones after your elopement. In fact, this is what I did when I eloped! 

Your reception doesn’t have to be the traditional one that takes place on the day of your elopement. You can have it in the weeks following.

This is the perfect way for family and friends to feel included and celebrate with you. It’s also great for guests who like to offer gifts to the newlyweds. 

Another reason I love to suggest a reception to couples I work with is that it can be as simple or fancy as you’d like. You can have a small get-together in your backyard, dinner and drinks at a local restaurant, or plan a large reception at an event venue.

Moab elopement
Moab; Among the Pines Photography

Here’s how my husband and I announced our elopement and included our loved ones–

We decided to keep our elopement intimate with just us. Two weeks after our elopement, we had a small reception with family and friends. Our announcements were the invitations to the reception, which we sent out prior to our elopement, and said “We’re Eloping!” We made our announcements fun with a small graphic of a dog icon that looked like our dog, Charlie.

We had 65 guests come to our reception where we watched our elopement film together for the first time with those we love most. Then we sent hundreds of virtual invites to other friends and family so that on the day of our reception they could scan the QR code on the invite and watch our wedding film with us also. It was incredibly special for all of us!

Announcing Your Elopement: Final Thoughts

The number one thing to remember is that it’s okay to make your wedding/elopement day 100% about you and your partner, while still being able to have a celebration to follow where your loved ones can celebrate with and rejoice for you.

Need help planning and capturing your special day? I’d love to help! Among the Pines Photography (that’s me!) is an adventure elopement photographer. I also offer planning resources and can help you execute the perfect elopement experience. 

Client Praise


Brooke is professional, prepared, and provides all the peace of mind that a bride needs on her wedding day. Because of our conversations leading up to the day, I had no doubt that she would capture every important moment and more. Throughout the day, she was present and helpful, but never overbearing or controlling. She beautifully captured the moments that happened naturally & her experience allowed for insight and ideas that I wouldn't have thought to ask for but that I'll now cherish forever! She is flexible, understanding, and patient, and looking back, we can't imagine our day without her. If you are looking for someone to capture your wedding day, or just any day, Brooke is your girl. She goes above and beyond to serve her clients, and she is absolutely gifted at what she does.

"SHE GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND TO SERVE HER CLIENTS, and she is absolutely gifted at what she does."

Linden + Brent

In the end, her creativity and our happiness totally shine through in every single photo. Brooke made both of us feel so at ease, from our individual sessions before we had our first look, to strolling through downtown Ouray, to our ceremony and in the scenic spots we visited afterwards. Her talent is beyond compare and we are absolutely thrilled with our gallery of photos we will treasure forever. We give Brooke our highest recommendation and can’t wait to work with her again!

"Throughout the entire planning process, Brooke was honest and flexible, and made it clear that her goal was for us to be 100% happy."

Emily + Nick

Brooke is hands down the most talented photographer I have ever met in my entire life. I gave her my inspiration and she took it and made it into something entirely unique and beautiful. Brooke was able to work with my budget and offer me options. Along with all of this, she was always there to communicate with me from ideas to concerns. The day of never goes as planned, she was thrown curveball after curveball and dodged them all with ease. The photos we received memorialized the best day of our lives and we are forever grateful for the beautiful artwork she created.

"we are forever grateful for the beautiful artwork she created."


Brooke was booked to do our wedding June 6th. However, the virus hit and we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to have our wedding in June so we decided to go ahead and get married with just our parents there. I called Brooke and told her our plans and literally we were getting married in a week and she was so quick to say yes and capture our day for us. She helped make our day very special. She was super fun and made Zach and I feel very comfortable. I got my pictures back and I felt so overjoyed to see the happiness and love I felt on that day. Even though we didn’t have our wedding like we planned, it was still very special and Brooke was a big hand in that. She truly captured some very special memories that I will have for the rest of my life. 


Our wedding was in Kentucky in September. Brooke not only traveled for us but made a custom package for us because we had a unique situation. She took pictures the day before, and just seemed to be in the right place at the right time. She met with me before the wedding and we communicated a few times up to the wedding about my specific requests, and she hit the nail on the head. I am so very thankful for Brooke's story-telling, organic nature. She captured our wedding for exactly what it was and what I will remember it to be...full of joy, laughter, love and hope for the future!

"I AM SO VERY THANKFUL FOR BROOKE'S storytelling, organic nature."



She’s professional, creative, organized, kind, and just a blast to be around. She made my husband comfortable instantly in front of a camera so she’s a miracle worker too. We can’t stop staring at our photos! So many people keep telling us how amazing they are!


Jessica & Robby

Brooke has a true talent. She is able to tap into and capture moments you didn’t even realize were happening.  Absolutely 100% recommend Brooke and her beautiful pictures. We booked her services for our engagement pictures and then immediately realized we needed to have her for our wedding also. I’m already preemptively dreaming of the anniversary shoot I want!

"Brooke will make you feel comfortable and like a friend - she will take your ideas and inspiration and produce something better than you thought."

Rori + Eli

Brooke truly listened to what we wanted as a couple, our hopes, and took time to understand our "vibe," which came through in her work she delivered.

I can't thank Brooke enough for her amazing work - seriously the BEST decision we made and brings me to tears each time I look at these beautiful, photographic memories we'll have forever.


Not only is Brooke an amazing photographer, but she is so fun and easy to work with! She made the whole process feel natural and comfortable for someone who typically feels awkward and weird while getting pictures taken! I love all of the pictures and I highly recommend Brooke as a photographer!

"SHE MADE THE WHOLE PROCESS FEEL natural & Comfortable."


That's exactly what Brooke does, she captures a story. No words needed. You can see it and feel it. You can remember the exact moment and how you feel for that person and see how they feel about you. Her intuitive eye has only gotten sharper. I can’t wait to see what other adventures await for her to capture.

"SHE CAPTURES A STORY, NO WORDS NEEDED. you can see it and feel it."

Christy + Austin

Brooke is the absolute best. She truly went above and beyond for my fiancé and I to be able to get our engagement photos taken with the fall colors. Our engagement session with Brooke was such a special experience and a memory we will cherish forever.

Brooke is so sweet, fun, personable and incredibly talented. We could not be more in love with our engagement photos!

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