As a UNESCO World Heritage Site with some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, the Dolomites is one of the best places to elope. In this guide, I’ll share everything you need to know about having the perfect Dolomites elopement.

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As an adventure elopement photographer, I love capturing elopements in the Dolomites. In this article, I’ll discuss the best locations, fun activities, where to stay, and more.

What are the Dolomites?

The Dolomites or the Dolomites Mountains are a beautiful mountain range in northeastern Italy. They have 18 mountain peaks and span over five Italian provinces. The views are breathtaking, with dramatic peaks, beautiful alpine lakes, and scenic roads.

Can I elope in the Dolomites?

The Dolomites is the perfect place to elope for couples who enjoy outdoor adventure and are dreaming of a unique and memorable elopement experience. Every corner of the Dolomites is a stunning photo op, and it’s the best place to stay for an extended vacation and honeymoon.

I recommend taking care of legalities and getting your marriage license in your home state to keep your Dolomites trip stress-free and fun. Then, head to the Dolomites for an epic adventure elopement!

Dolomites Elopement Cost

Eloping in the Dolomites usually costs anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. This includes travel expenses, accommodations, an elopement photographer, and activities. Of course, costs vary depending on the time of year, how long your elopement experience is, and your travel style.

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The Best Dolomites Elopement Location

There are tons of incredible places to elope in the Dolomites. While I love working with couples to find their ideal location, here are some of the best options for a magical experience:

  • Lago Di Braies
  • Tre Cime di Lavaredo
  • Seceda Ridgeline
  • Lago Di Misurina 
  • Croda da Lago
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Lago Di Braies

Accessibility: Easy

Hiking distance: 2.3-mile loop, plus other nearby hiking trails

Lago Di Braies is a gorgeous natural lake and one of the most popular in the Dolomites. While many people visit to hang out and take photos at the lake, the hike around the area is a magical experience and the perfect place for an adventure elopement.

You can also explore nearby lakes, cliffs, and peaks around Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Accessibility: Moderate

Hiking distance: 6-mile loop

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo is an iconic mountain range with three large, rugged rocks. A hiking loop also passes by incredible mountain scenery and valleys with wildlife. There are endless picturesque photo ops here!

Seceda Ridgeline

Accessibility: Access easily via cable car, then explore the mountain range from there

Hiking distance: Various hiking trails, moderate and easy trail routes available

If you’re looking for a dreamy, Instagram-worthy Dolomites elopement spot, Seceda Ridgeline is one of the best. There are many spots to enjoy the magical scenery, whether hiking or taking a cable car. At the top, you get stunning 360° views of the Dolomites. 

Lago Di Misurina 

Accessibility: Easy

If you’re looking for a gorgeous location that’s easy to access, Lago Di Misurina is perfect. This is the largest alpine lake in the Cadore region of the Dolomites and doesn’t require any hiking unless you want to explore nearby trails. There’s a picturesque walking path around the lake with restaurants and hotels nearby, making it one of the most convenient Dolomites elopement locations.

Croda da Lago

Accessibility: Moderate to challenging
Hiking distance: 7.8 miles

Croda da Lago is a dream for adventurous couples who love hiking. There are various hikes, but the Croda da Lago Circuit is amazing, starting in a forest and then going through meadows and up cliffs to see unmatched scenery and a gorgeous lake.

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When to Elope in the Dolomites

The Dolomites is a stunning place to elope all year, with my favorite time being September and October to avoid crowds and enjoy pleasant weather.

Here’s what you can expect during different seasons in the Dolomites:

  • Winter – Many areas of the Dolomites are winter wonderlands and perfect for snow activities, making it an excellent time of year to stay in a ski resort. However, some areas of the Dolomites aren’t accessible during winter.
  • Spring – This time of year is similar to winter, with a lot of snow and inaccessible roads. If you want to elope in the Dolomites after the snow starts to melt and the weather gets warmer, wait until late spring.
  • Summer – Summer is gorgeous with lush greenery and clear alpine lakes. This is also the Dolomites’ peak season.
  • Fall – Early fall is the perfect hiking temperature in the Dolomites, with fall colors showing up and the perfect light for photos, while late fall becomes colder and some places start to close.
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Bonus Tips for Your Dolomites Elopement

Let’s explore information about hiring a photographer, where to stay, Dolomites activities, and how to spend your elopement day.

Hiring a Photographer

Working with a Dolomites elopement photographer is ideal for ensuring you capture the special moments of your wedding day and elopement adventure. Consider working with a photographer who also helps with planning (like myself!) to make the entire experience easier and enjoyable.

Along with photography, I also help couples with location scouting, outfit planning, and choosing activities.

Where to Stay

The Dolomites have many accommodations, making it fairly easy to find the perfect place to stay. 

From hotels and Airbnb’s to farm stays and campgrounds, there are endless options. There are also mountain huts, which offer a unique adventurous experience of staying in a dorm-like accommodation surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.

I recommend deciding on your elopement location and the Dolomites area you want to explore before choosing your accommodation.

Dolomites Activities

With endless incredible activities in the Dolomites, it’s nearly impossible not to have an amazing adventure elopement experience.

The best Dolomites activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Mountain biking
  • Taking Jeep tours and cable car rides
  • Picnicking
  • Enjoying spa experiences
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
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Handling Crowds 

About 4 million people visit the Dolomites yearly, and crowds are nearly impossible to avoid. However, these tips can help you enjoy the Dolomites with the fewest crowds:

  • Consider having a sunrise elopement
  • Avoid a July or August elopement
  • Work with a photographer who can help you plan the best location and time

Your Elopement Day

The Dolomites is one of the most magical places for elopement, so it’s easy to have a fantastic experience. Here are some unique ideas for a memorable day:

  • Include loved ones – Even if friends or family aren’t joining you, there are fun ways to include them (i.e., reading letters they’ve written to you on your elopement day).
  • Be spontaneous – Have a plan, but be open to spontaneous moments throughout your day, like exploring a different trail or getting a drink after your elopement.
  • Surprise each other – Create a new memory by surprising each other with something like writing a special song (this is what I did for my husband on our elopement day!) or giving a thoughtful gift.
  • Share personalized vowsWrite vows to share with each other on your elopement day.
  • Add decoration to your adventure gear – Adding signs or flowers to your hiking gear is a fun way to decorate, even without a non-traditional wedding.
  • Celebrate with a first dance – Incorporate the first-dance wedding tradition into your elopement day.

Let’s Plan Your Dolomites Elopement

I hope this guide inspired you to plan and have your dream Dolomites, Italy, elopement experience!

As an elopement photographer, I love working with adventurous couples to capture beautiful, authentic moments. I help with the planning process for a stress-free elopement, offering location scouting, timeline planning, and vendor recommendations. I also share all-inclusive elopement package planning resources with couples I work with.

Client Praise

kinsley + caden

“Brooke was the perfect choice for our wedding day! We had a micro wedding at Sapphire Point in August. I had never been to Sapphire Point and Brooke was so helpful suggesting vendors, picture locations, parking, marriage license info etc. She was so kind and helpful before and during the whole process and was a large part of why the day went so smooth. She does so much more than just show up and take pictures, Brooke will truly go out of her way to make your wedding day perfect! The photos are gorgeous and I keep getting so many compliments! I truly cannot recommend her enough!”

"Brooke was a large part of why our day went so smooth and will truly go out of her way to make your wedding day perfect!"

We chose Brooke to capture our Colorado elopement and she did exactly that and more. She made it easy to plan our day out with locations and timelines so that we could focus on ourselves. We decided last minute to change our afternoon/evening elopement to a 6am sunrise one so beat the heat of the day. Brooke accommodated us without hesitation and even created a new timeline for us so that we knew where to be for the perfect sunrise. She was kind and understood what we wanted in terms of our elopement and we are so grateful to have her capture the day. Our photos turned out beautiful and truly helped us relive the day. I would recommend Brooke to anyone wanting their special day photographed.

"Brooke accommodated us without hesitation and even created a new timeline for us so that we knew where to be for the perfect sunrise."

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Brooke not only photographed our mountain elopement beautifully, but she put so much thought into the details and knew all of the answers the questions I didn’t even know to ask. She really puts a lot of thought into each photo and brings her expertise while still remaining very open to what we wanted and ideas we had. She even helped pick the perfect spot for us and advised us on the logistical details like securing a reservation at the mountain lake where we wanted our ceremony. She is SO easy to work with and very friendly and chill. My husband and I are super awkward in front of a camera but she made it so natural and easy - and the shots came out better than we could have imagined.

"She really puts a lot of thought into each photo and brings her expertise while still remaining very open to what we wanted and ideas we had."

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Brooke is many things; talented, calm, flexible, experienced/ knowledgeable, patient, incredibly responsive, organized, resourceful in a pinch, supportive, creative, professional yet a blast to work with, and goes above & beyond w her clients. Our wedding was a spectacular dream and we couldn't be more grateful that she made that single day last forever. Whether she's photographing nature or an intimate event, her pictures tell a story of peace, love, whatever your vision may be. We couldn't recommend her more and we look forward to booking with her for all of our vow renewals, seasonal and family pictures for as long as she'll have us.

"Whether she's photographing nature or an intimate event, her pictures tell a story of peace, love, whatever your vision may be."

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Working with Brooke was a dream come true! Before we even met, my husband Brent and I were impressed by her portfolio. After meeting, we were even more convinced that her photography skills and knowledge, and her fun and easygoing personality were exactly what we were looking for in an elopement photographer. Brooke was able to take our vision and facilitate everything so that it worked out beautifully, especially when it came to finding the perfect location (the incredible mountains surrounding Ouray). Throughout the entire planning process, she was honest and flexible, and made it clear that her goal was for us to be 100% happy. In the end, her creativity and our happiness totally shine through in every single photo.

"Throughout the entire planning process, she was honest and flexible."

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I can't begin to express my gratitude for the intimacy and beauty behind Brooke's photographs. In capturing our wedding day, she went above and beyond to document our story, our families, and the depths of our love in ways that I'll forever be grateful for. Brooke has an eye for not only capturing the adventure and magic of your love, but deeply connects with your personal story, understands your relationship, and then gives that back in the most incredible way. She is truly an artist and tells your story in an authentic and creative way for you to look back on for years to come. We are forever grateful to Brooke for spending the time to get to know us, our story, and capturing the memories that we'll relive for years to come.

"Brooke deeply connects with your personal story, understands your relationship, and then gives that back in the most incredible way."

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“If you're contemplating which photographer to go with, THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO CHOOSE BROOKE!!!! She is so so so talented and was able to capture our elopement exactly how I pictured and wanted! We eloped in Ridgway, CO this past September and she was so helpful figuring out picture locations, recommendations of timeline for the day, and just made the whole day feel so smooth. She schedules multiple check ins, phone calls, etc., leading up to the big day to ensure everything is as you want it. Brooke has such a calming, down to earth presence and is one of those awesome people you feel like you've known forever after just the first time of meeting."

"Brooke has such a calming, down to earth presence and is one of those awesome people you feel like you've known forever."

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Brooke is the absolute best. She truly went above and beyond for my fiancé and I to be able to get our engagement photos taken with the fall colors. Brooke is so sweet, fun, personable and incredibly talented. We could not be more in love with our engagement photos! Our engagement session with Brooke was such a special experience and a memory we will cherish forever.

"Our engagement session with Brooke was such a special experience and a memory we will cherish forever."

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