Are you dreaming of an unforgettable Ireland elopement experience? If so, you’re in the right place! In this guide, I’ll share top tips for having an incredible elopement experience in Ireland and the best locations (spoiler: they’re all magical, especially the castles).

Ireland elopement couple photo by Among the Pines Photography
Among the Pines Photography

Why Elope in Ireland

As an elopement photographer, Ireland is easily one of my favorite places! Its natural beauty is unmatched, with lush green fields, craggy cliffs, sandy beaches, picturesque mountains, and rushing waterfalls. It’s also full of history and boasts incredible Irish castles.

Best of all, Ireland offers so many amazing opportunities for a memorable elopement getaway. Whether you’re looking for an intimate, romantic experience or an exciting adventure, there’s something for every couple in Ireland!

Ireland is also easy to get to. There are 5 international airports throughout the country, making most areas easily accessible. That said, most people fly into Dublin or Shannon. There are also various US cities that offer direct flights to Ireland, including New York, Boston, Chicago, LA, and Washington D.C.

Ireland elopement couple holding hands
Ireland elopement couple by Among the Pines Photography
Among the Pines Photography

When to Elope in Ireland

No matter what time of year you have your Ireland elopement, it’s sure to be stunning! However, it’s important to consider the experience you’re looking for when you plan timing.

It’s also worth mentioning that because Ireland is a popular tourist destination, it’s busy almost all year. For more privacy and easier access to the best locations, consider eloping on a weekday.

couple in Ireland
Among the Pines Photography

A Winter Elopement

Although winters in Ireland don’t get too cold, there’s always a chance of snow. Days are also very short during winter. A perk of a winter elopement in Ireland is that there are very few crowds, and travel expenses may be more affordable.

A Spring Elopement

Many couples love spring in Ireland the most. The days are longer, it’s just before the peak season, and flowers are blooming. It’s definitely one of the best times for an Ireland elopement!

May is the best month to elope in Ireland because the weather is warm and dry, and you get a good mix of spring and summer vibes.

A Summer Elopement

Summer usually isn’t the best time to elope in Ireland because it’s very crowded due to peak season, and there’s a higher chance of rain. With that said, it’s warm, and the days are the longest during summer, which many couples love!

A Fall Elopement

Fall is a great time for an elopement in Ireland! It’s right after peak season, and the crowds are slowing down. The weather and colors are also beautiful during fall.

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How to Elope in Ireland

If you want to legally get married in Ireland and aren’t a citizen, there are some steps you’ll need to take. That said, you can skip the legal stuff, get married in the courthouse at home, then head to Ireland for your elopement adventure.

To legally marry in Ireland, both parties must be 18 years or older and not legally married to anyone else.

You must also notify the Registrar of your intent to marry at least 3 months before the wedding day. If either party has been married before, you must show a divorce decree. Widows must have the original and photocopy of their civil marriage certificate and the death certificate of their late spouse.

You’ll need to arrive in Ireland at least a few days before your elopement to present your documents:

  • Passport
  •  Original birth certificate
  •  Letter of freedom

All legal marriages in Ireland also require a solemnizer to marry you, and 2 witnesses and your ceremony must be held in a location open to the public.

Again, to skip all this, you can do the legal stuff at home before or after your elopement.

The Best Ireland Elopement Locations

There is no shortage of incredible elopement locations in Ireland. From towering sea cliffs and a beautiful sandy beach to magical Irish castles and an adventurous mountain pass, there’s a perfect place for every couple!

Photo of couple, waist down, by Among the Pines Photography
Among the Pines Photography
  • Kinbane Castle (Co Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  • Killarney National Park (Co Kerry, Ireland)
  • The Mourne Mountains (Co Down, Northern Ireland)
  • The Dingle Peninsula (Co Kerry, Ireland)
  • Whitepark Bay Beach (Co Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  • Dunseverick Castle (Co Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  • Ballintoy Harbour (Ci Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  • Hamiltons Seat (Co Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  • Newtown Castle (Co Clare, Ireland)
  • The Cliffs of Moher (Co Clare, Ireland)
  • The Conor Pass (Co Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  • The Blasket Centre (Co Kerry, Ireland)
  • The Dark Hedges (Co Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  • Dunluce Castle (Co Antrim, Northern Ireland)
  • Lost Cottage Homestay (Co Kerry, Ireland)

Interested in another location? Contact Among the Pines Photography, and let’s chat!

Kinbane Castle

Co Ko Antrim, Ireland

Kinbane Castle is one of many breathtaking castles in Ireland and easily one of the most stunning. If you’re up for an adventure, you can your love will take over 100 steps down to the castle, and it’s well worth the journey.

On your walk, you’ll enjoy sights and sounds of nature, with excellent places to stop for photos. Once you arrive at the castle, you’ll be blown away by the headland views and incredible ruins.

Killarney National Park

Co Kerry, Ireland

Not only is Killarney National Park Ireland’s first-ever national park, but it’s also one of the most gorgeous places in Ireland to tie the knot. The park spreads over 26,000 acres and boasts peaks, waterfalls, and lakes. There are countless captivating spots to say “I do,” explore, and take photos. You might even come across Red Deer during your elopement at Killarney National Park.

views at Killarney National Park
Killarney National Park

The Mourne Mountains

Co Down, Northern Ireland

If you love the mountains, The Mourne Mountains are the best Ireland elopement destination for you. The Mourne Mountains are one of the most breathtaking areas of Ireland and feature the highest mountains in Northern Ireland.

Hike to a spot off the beaten path for your ceremony, or take a short walk to one of many gorgeous locations in the mountains. The opportunities are endless here!

The Dingle Peninsula

Co Kerry, Ireland

If you’re dreaming of an elopement by the ocean, The Dingle Peninsula might be the perfect spot for you. Located on Ireland’s southwest Atlantic coast, The Dingle Peninsula is a popular tourist attraction that’s surrounded by sandy beaches and rugged cliffs.

The town of Dingle is also a cool spot to hang out after your elopement. Dingle is most known for its excellent food and drink scene and outdoor activities.

Whitepark Bay Beach

Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

Another beach elopement destination in Ireland is Whitepark Bay. This jaw-dropping stretch of golden sand is the perfect place to start the next chapter with your love. There’s even a farm nearby, so you might see cows on your big day!

Whitepark Bay is conveniently located close to other attractions, like Giant’s Causeway and Dunseverick Castle. This makes it easy to explore various spots in a day or take it slower with a multi-day adventure elopement.

Dunseverick Castle

Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

Unlike many other popular Ireland elopement locations, Dunseverick Castle is a historic landmark that offers a quiet, serene atmosphere. It’s ideal for couples who want a peaceful, intimate elopement experience surrounded by natural beauty. Dunseverick Castle showcases ancient ruins, gorgeous green fields, and giant cliffs that block the wind.

Ireland elopement couple, black and white photo by Among the Pines Photography
Among the Pines Photography

Ballintoy Harbour

Ci Antrim, Northern Ireland

Ballintoy Harbour is a picturesque village where Game of Thrones was filmed. It’s also an amazing place to celebrate your special day!

There’s so much to explore in Ballintoy Harbour, including hidden beaches, seaside caves, and a coastal walk surrounded by stunning scenery. If you want to get adventurous, you can also do water activities like paddling or kayaking.

Hamiltons Seat

Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

If you’re looking for an adventurous ceremony location, look no further than Hamilton’s Seat! To get to Hamilton’s Seat, you and your love will take about an hour half along the Giant’s Causeway cliff path. The journey is well worth it to some of the most magical coastal and cliff views in Ireland.

Fun fact: The Giant’s Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Newtown Castle

Co Clare, Ireland

One of the most easily accessible ceremony locations in Newtown Castle. And unlike many other Irish castles, you can have your elopement ceremony inside Newtown Castle, which holds up to 20 people.

The architecture is gorgeous and unique, making for an incredible backdrop. You can also climb to the castle’s highest point, where you can see an amazing bedrock landscape.

The Cliffs of Moher

Co Antrim, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are an iconic Ireland elopement destination and for great reason! These magical sea cliffs are situated more than 700 feet above the ocean, and you can say your vows right on the edge of one.

You can hike to the cliffs if you’re up for an adventure elopement experience or drive up to Hag’s Head. Although this area is usually windy and it can get chilly, the scenery is always absolutely perfect.

Tip: Plan your Cliffs of Moher elopement on a weekday morning for little to no crowds. Otherwise, it can be very busy.

The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
The Cliffs of Moher

The Conor Pass

Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

The Conor Pass is one of the highest mountain passes in Ireland and offers unmatched views. This winding road is perfect for adventurous couples, with various unique places to stop, explore, say your vows, and take photos.

There are also accommodations and things to do near The Conor Pass, so this is an excellent area to stay.

The Blasket Centre

Co Kerry, Ireland

If you’re looking for a private, unique Ireland elopement experience, consider The Blasket Centre. This special heritage museum represents the Blasket Islands and the small Irish-speaking community who lived there many years ago.

Couples can elope here on their own or have an intimate wedding ceremony. You must rent the space, which makes this ideal for a private elopement.

The Dark Hedges

Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

You may have seen The Dark Hedges in Game of Thrones as the Kingsroad. This is the ideal elopement destination for Game of Thrones fans and anyone who’s looking for a unique ceremony experience!

This tunnel-like road lined with intertwined beech trees has been around since the 18th century and is one of the most photographed places in the world. It offers a backdrop unlike any other, and it’s conveniently located close to Giants Causeway, where you can explore and enjoy local activities with your love.

Dunluce Castle

Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

If you’re dreaming of saying “I do” in a fairytale-like setting, look no further than Dunluce Castle. This incredible medieval castle was originally built in the 13th century, with the ruins now being from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Dunluce Castle is easily one of the most charming and picture-perfect Irish castles, and the photo ops are endless! 

Note: The area to access the castle is owned by a local farmer who’s happy to give couples permission to elope here.

Dunluce Castle in Ireland
Dunluce Castle

Lost Cottage Homestay

Co Kerry, Ireland

If you’re looking to spend the night at your elopement location, Lost Cottage is the place for you! This remote homestay is situated between emerald-green farmland and large mountains, offering scenic views for miles.

The Lost Cottage Homestay offers a unique elopement adventure surrounded by 85 acres of nature. Have your ceremony next to colorful lakes, with chandeliers hanging from trees, and enjoy the starry sky at night. It’s truly magical! Couples can spend the night or longer and enjoy a tranquil, romantic experience unlike any other.

Other Things to Know About Eloping in Ireland

Here are a few other things to know about going to Ireland to help you plan.

  • Getting around: Once you’re in Ireland, renting a car to get to and from is best.
  • Prepare for rain: Many places in Ireland get rain often. That said, rain showers usually don’t last too long.
  • Daylight: Days can be very short or long in Ireland. During summer, sunset can be as late as 11 PM. During winter, it can be as early as 4 PM.
  • What to wear: With a breeze, cold front, and unexpected showers, it’s best to wear layers. Have a jacket with you (that, of course, you can lose for photos!) and bring comfortable shoes for adventures.

Ireland Elopement FAQ

Below, I’ll answer a few common questions about eloping in Ireland.

How much is an Ireland elopement?

Eloping in Ireland usually costs between $5,000 and $15,000. That said, the cost varies on the time of year, vendors, and accommodation.

Can US citizens elope in Ireland?

US citizens can elope in Ireland, but you need to start the process a few months before your wedding.

Since a legal ceremony in Ireland requires several steps and documentation, you can do the legal stuff in your home state for a lower-stress experience. That said, if you prefer an official marriage in Ireland, a wedding photographer who helps with planning (like me!) can help you sort out the details.

What’s the quickest way to get married in Ireland?

To elope quickly in Ireland, start planning your getaway, head to Ireland for your ceremony, then do the legal aspect when you return home.

Ireland Elopement Packages

If you’re ready to make your elopement visions come to life, I’m here to help!

Among the Pines Photography (aka me!) is an adventure elopement photographer that works with adventurous dreamers. Not only do I take photos of all the special moments during your elopement, but I also help make all your elopement dreams a reality. I can even officiate your wedding!

Client Praise

kinsley + caden

“Brooke was the perfect choice for our wedding day! We had a micro wedding at Sapphire Point in August. I had never been to Sapphire Point and Brooke was so helpful suggesting vendors, picture locations, parking, marriage license info etc. She was so kind and helpful before and during the whole process and was a large part of why the day went so smooth. She does so much more than just show up and take pictures, Brooke will truly go out of her way to make your wedding day perfect! The photos are gorgeous and I keep getting so many compliments! I truly cannot recommend her enough!”

"Brooke was a large part of why our day went so smooth and will truly go out of her way to make your wedding day perfect!"

We chose Brooke to capture our Colorado elopement and she did exactly that and more. She made it easy to plan our day out with locations and timelines so that we could focus on ourselves. We decided last minute to change our afternoon/evening elopement to a 6am sunrise one so beat the heat of the day. Brooke accommodated us without hesitation and even created a new timeline for us so that we knew where to be for the perfect sunrise. She was kind and understood what we wanted in terms of our elopement and we are so grateful to have her capture the day. Our photos turned out beautiful and truly helped us relive the day. I would recommend Brooke to anyone wanting their special day photographed.

"Brooke accommodated us without hesitation and even created a new timeline for us so that we knew where to be for the perfect sunrise."

erica + stacy

kirstie + colin

Brooke not only photographed our mountain elopement beautifully, but she put so much thought into the details and knew all of the answers the questions I didn’t even know to ask. She really puts a lot of thought into each photo and brings her expertise while still remaining very open to what we wanted and ideas we had. She even helped pick the perfect spot for us and advised us on the logistical details like securing a reservation at the mountain lake where we wanted our ceremony. She is SO easy to work with and very friendly and chill. My husband and I are super awkward in front of a camera but she made it so natural and easy - and the shots came out better than we could have imagined.

"She really puts a lot of thought into each photo and brings her expertise while still remaining very open to what we wanted and ideas we had."

amanda + jace

Brooke is many things; talented, calm, flexible, experienced/ knowledgeable, patient, incredibly responsive, organized, resourceful in a pinch, supportive, creative, professional yet a blast to work with, and goes above & beyond w her clients. Our wedding was a spectacular dream and we couldn't be more grateful that she made that single day last forever. Whether she's photographing nature or an intimate event, her pictures tell a story of peace, love, whatever your vision may be. We couldn't recommend her more and we look forward to booking with her for all of our vow renewals, seasonal and family pictures for as long as she'll have us.

"Whether she's photographing nature or an intimate event, her pictures tell a story of peace, love, whatever your vision may be."

linden + brent

Working with Brooke was a dream come true! Before we even met, my husband Brent and I were impressed by her portfolio. After meeting, we were even more convinced that her photography skills and knowledge, and her fun and easygoing personality were exactly what we were looking for in an elopement photographer. Brooke was able to take our vision and facilitate everything so that it worked out beautifully, especially when it came to finding the perfect location (the incredible mountains surrounding Ouray). Throughout the entire planning process, she was honest and flexible, and made it clear that her goal was for us to be 100% happy. In the end, her creativity and our happiness totally shine through in every single photo.

"Throughout the entire planning process, she was honest and flexible."

lauren + branden

I can't begin to express my gratitude for the intimacy and beauty behind Brooke's photographs. In capturing our wedding day, she went above and beyond to document our story, our families, and the depths of our love in ways that I'll forever be grateful for. Brooke has an eye for not only capturing the adventure and magic of your love, but deeply connects with your personal story, understands your relationship, and then gives that back in the most incredible way. She is truly an artist and tells your story in an authentic and creative way for you to look back on for years to come. We are forever grateful to Brooke for spending the time to get to know us, our story, and capturing the memories that we'll relive for years to come.

"Brooke deeply connects with your personal story, understands your relationship, and then gives that back in the most incredible way."

heather + jedd

“If you're contemplating which photographer to go with, THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO CHOOSE BROOKE!!!! She is so so so talented and was able to capture our elopement exactly how I pictured and wanted! We eloped in Ridgway, CO this past September and she was so helpful figuring out picture locations, recommendations of timeline for the day, and just made the whole day feel so smooth. She schedules multiple check ins, phone calls, etc., leading up to the big day to ensure everything is as you want it. Brooke has such a calming, down to earth presence and is one of those awesome people you feel like you've known forever after just the first time of meeting."

"Brooke has such a calming, down to earth presence and is one of those awesome people you feel like you've known forever."

christy + austin

Brooke is the absolute best. She truly went above and beyond for my fiancé and I to be able to get our engagement photos taken with the fall colors. Brooke is so sweet, fun, personable and incredibly talented. We could not be more in love with our engagement photos! Our engagement session with Brooke was such a special experience and a memory we will cherish forever.

"Our engagement session with Brooke was such a special experience and a memory we will cherish forever."

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